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Internet based TV from the UK - no satellite dish required
Free channels: BBC, ITV Channel 4 and Channel 5. Hours of free viewing on the catch up players
and live version of BBC and ITV.
Cost of VPN service, booked from your credit card.
Cost of hardware.

The following SKY channels can then be booked, no contract, can be cancelled at any time:

Entertainment package has over 200 shows on catch up and the following Live channels: Sky 1,
Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, GOLD, Comedy Central, FOX, MTV, Sky Arts, Discovery, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, ITV Encore and ABC Studios.
Movies Package offers over 200 movies on demand as well as 11 Live Sky Movie channels.
Sports package has a large catch up section and all 7 Sky Sports channels including Sky sports 1-5,
Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports News HQ.
15,00 GBP per month
69,99 EUR (1x)

8,99 GBP a month
(no contract)
10,99 GBP a month
(no contract)
6,99 GBP per day pass
14,99 GBP for a week
33,99 GBP a month
(no contract)

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